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18th Edition

Luceco Academy Electrical Training and CPD courses are provided free of charge to everyone involved in the electrical industry.

Whether you are a student apprentice, electrical contractor, specifier, educator or supplier ... we aim to provide a regular offering of educational content that meets the needs of all those in the industry.


All CPD courses are fully accredited and each provides one credit towards annual CPD requirements.

The topics covered are driven by your feedback and ideas, so please use our feedback form to let us know what training content you would like to see in future.


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This CPD module cover some key points for the installation of wiring accessories, including if fire protection is required, making sure your ring final and radial circuits comply with regs and guidance and more.

18th Edition
Rewires & Renovation

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This Circuit Protection CPD module will look at how cumulative changes in the18th Edition regulations have affected the all important area of circuit protection and the installation of consumer units.

18th Edition
Circuit Protection

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In this CPD we'll look at Part L, what the published guidance requires for installations and how we can achieve compliance with modern lighting technology.

18th Edition


Rewires & Renovations

Indoor Lighting

Nov 2021

NEW CPD Courses coming in 2021 ...


Accredited CPD and Electrical Training

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 as the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies.

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With applications for the eFIXX 30-Under-30 Initiative now in full swing, there’s never been a better time to nominate yourself, or a colleague.  


We are excited to partner with eFIXX to launch this new award and can’t wait to see the talent it is set to attract. The award is perfect for young electrical contractors, who are constantly seizing opportunities and excelling in their careers. The award sets out to recognise up-and-coming talent within the electrical industry and showcase the next generation of electrical contractors.



For more information on how to enter, visit :

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Domestic Building Services Compliance Gu

Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide (900k PDF)

18th Edition Decision Tree (544k PDF)

How does an RCD Work? (1.5Mb PDF)
An Introduction to Ohm Law (1.5Mb PDF)

"Great course content, this helped me gain a far better understanding of surge protection requirements, thanks"

R Carter . Electrician